CMH.Tools - A Team Developer Assistance Library

CMH.Tools is a library (Dll) which is intended to extend TeamDeveloper's IDE with some handy helper functions. Functions which are meant to increase fun and productivity while doing SAL development. It's free.

New Version 1.1 available!

See here, what's new.

Brief Overview


This is a search engine which gives a list of all hits to a certain search criteria in the IDE's output window. The corresponding code positions to the resulting hits can be easily brought into view via a simple mouse click.


A small class browser utility which shows all base classes and all derived classes of a single class selected in the source code. The results are shown in the IDE's output window which in turn offers the ability to directly access the resulting class codes with a mouse click.


This is a replacement for the built-in symbol search function, accessible via the F2 key. CodeJumper performs its search always within the whole source code which is currently loaded, not only inside the active editing view.
In addition, there is a multistage jump history, which offers to go back over several jumps with final restoring of the original view.

Version History